KEYENCE products are designed to add value to our customers manufacturing and research processes. Our in-house research and development team is constantly looking to improve our product offerings to better meet and exceed our customers’ expectations. KEYENCE products are engineered to be versatile, so they can be used in every industry and solve a wide variety of applications.


– Photoelectric Sensors
– Fibre Optic Sensors
– Laser Sensors
– Inductive Proximity Sensors
– Positioning Sensors
– Vision Sensors
– Network Communication Units

Measurement Sensors

– Laser Displacement Sensors
– Laser Profilometer (2D)
– Optical Micrometer/
Digital Micrometer
– Inductive Displacement/
Gauging Sensors

Measurement System

– Image Measurement Systems
– 3D Measurement Systems


– Type 4 safety light curtain
– Safety Laser Scanners

Process Controls /
Process Sensors

– Flow Sensors
– Liquid / Air pressure sensors

Vision / Auto ID

– Vision Systems
– Vision Sensors
– Auto ID Products