Panasonic offers total automation solutions products that include PLCs, human machine interfaces, sensors, static control devices, laser markers, servo motors, temperature controllers, timers, hour-meters, counters, limit switches and other factory automation components.

FA Sensors

– Fiber Sensors
– Area Sensors
– Pressure Sensors
– Photoelectric Sensors
– Laser Sensors
– Micro Photoelectric Sensors

Machine Safety

– Optical Touch Switches
– Light Curtains
– Safety Switches
– Safety Photoelectric

FA Devices

– Static Control Devices
– Energy Monitoring
– Programmable Controllers
– Human Machine Interface
– Machine Vision System

Motion Control

– AC Servo Motors
– Compact AG Geared Motors

Profesional Tools

– Drill and Driver
– Screwdriver
– SDS-plus Rotary Hammer
– Saws
– Cordless Angle Driver
– Sealling Gun

Assembly Tools

– Mechanical Pulse Tool
– Screwdriver
– Batteries