Bucher Hydraulics is an international leading provider of innovative hydraulic drive and control technologies for mobile and industrial
hydraulic applications.


– External Gear Pumps AP
– External Gear Pumps
Series Wuxi
– Internal Gear Pumps QX
– Internal Gear Pumps QXEH
– Metering Pump QXP
– Internal Gear Unit QXM
for motor/pump service


– External Gear Motors APM
– External Gear Motors
Series Wuxi
– Internal Gear Unit QXM
for Motor
– Internal Gear Motor,
Series QXM-HS
– Internal Gear Motor QXM-Mobil


– Pressure Functions
– Safety Relief Valves
– Flow-preventing Valves
– Flow Functions
– Directional Spool Valves
– Directional Seat Valves
– General Information

Power Units

– Electro-Pumps ET
– Hydraulic Power Packs
Series UP
– Hydraulic Power Packs
– Hydraulic Power Packs
Series MT & T
– Application Unit Series Wuxi


– Electronic Control Systems
– Joysticks
– Amplifier and Control Cards
– Accessories

System Solutions

– Towed Machines EPOM
– Variable Speed Drives
– Fan Drive Systems
– Manifold Blocks
– Crane Controls